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We aim to continue developing resources and printing more of our LGBTQIA+ Early Years magazine to send out free of charge to participating Childcare Provisions.

Please help is to keep up the conversation and provide us with the means to create these free resources to promote diversity and inclusion. We appreciate that times are hard, so if you are not able to donate, you can still support us by sharing our links and details of our appeal.

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Thank you to all of our Supporters who helped us reach our goal of £1,000 in order to fund the publishing the first magazineto send out to Early Childcare Provisions.

A huge and special thanks to Famly who generously donated over half the amount needed in order for us to reach our target. 

We would like to encourage you to continue sharing our fundraising link as the more we can raise, the more Childcare provisions we can reach, the more booklets we can print and send out and the more resources we can develop. 


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  • To promote inclusivity of LGBTQIA+ within all Early Years settings (childminders, nannies, schools, nurseries, preschools and play groups)
  • To showcase best practice and share positive examples of great work to date
  • To ensure that practitioners have the confidence to talk about LGBTQIA+ issues with children, their families and staff (creating safe spaces)
  • To create a platform for settings to access supportive and meaningful resources
  • To use research informed practice to ensure that every child feels valued and included within their setting
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Watch Founder and Lead of the Working Group, Aaron Bradbury-Coffey in conversation with Juls Davies of EY Matters explaining the 'What, Why and How' of the LGBTQ Early Years Working Group and also some of the initiatives already in hand.

Please note: During the recording Aaron refers to organising a special awareness week being in October, but due to the amount of work involved in getting everything in place, the free resources, activities etc. this special week will now be held in Feburary 2021; Keep in touch with us for updates. 

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The Organisations supporting and working with us


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The articles on this website and the magazine have been provided through the experience of each of the authors and has been written with that in mind. It is meant to be used as an opportunity to reflect on your position when discussing LGBTQIA+ and starting your journey of representation. It is in no way an expectation that this website or magazine to approach your practice when it comes to LGBTQIA+ and we are not saying that the articles on this website and magazine is the only way to approach the discussion. It is important as professionals that we know what is best for our children within our care. But, it is meant to be an opportunity to take on board what is being stated. Another clarification is that all the Authors work across the whole sector of the Early Years. This includes Maintained ,Private, Voluntary and Independent Early Years settings and Schools. By downloading the magazine and other downloads on this website you have taken on board the points raised above.